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Why should you choose wooden doors for your home?

If you are thinking of reinstalling or installing new doors at your home then you must be confused about which doors you should choose. Here we will describe the advantages and reasons to make sure that you get to know why wooden doors can be the best option for you. Because wooden doors are not only available in one type and you can choose the door of your choice from a huge variety. And the best thing about these doors is that you can change their color at any time by painting them with your favorite color.

Some famous wooden doors styles

Wooden doors come in a lot of varieties but some are very famous depending upon their usage and demand in the market. We will discuss some of them below:

  • French doors consist of double doors that have window panels and grill designs installed in them.
  • Flush doors consist of merely wood and no glass or wooden panels are involved.
  • Barn doors are specially designed for those who want to give an aesthetic or farmhouse look to their home.
  • Panel doors have carvings and additional panels that add to the beauty of your doors.
  • Half-glass doors have a window that you can open for ventilation or light.

Reasons why you should choose wooden doors for your home

Some reasons to install wooden doors in your homes are:

  1. Fire resistant doors

We normally think that wooden doors can catch fire faster than the doors of aluminum and steel. But this is a completely wrong concept as now fire-resistant wooden doors have been introduced in the market. They treat these doors in such a way that they can offer fire protection for almost half an hour, which gives you enough time to manage the precautions that can stop the fire. These doors are easy to install as they are not very heavy as steel doors but offer the same protection and are more beautiful. 

  1. Adaptability

They are easier to be shaped or cut rather than glass or steel doors. For example, a timber door can be easily made in a perfect size even if any alterations are needed after the installation. 

  1. Eco-friendly

I know you must be thinking that cutting trees and using them to make doors can be eco-friendly but let me explain it to you. If you are using doors made of other materials then they will add to the landfills and even their manufacturing process is not friendly for your planet. On the other hand, the wooden doors do not add to your landfills and the ratio of trees is compensated by planting new plants.

  1. Cost-effective and trendy

Besides all this, the wooden doors never go out of fashion so they will always look classy and fashionable no matter how old they are. They can be made in different designs and timber wood makes them more durable as well. Wooden doors are also cost-effective as you can get them at various prices ranging from $300 to $2,000 depending upon the wood and design you want to get.

Which wooden door is best for home?

If you are living in such areas where you face heavy rainfall then Sheesham wood doors can be the best pick for you as they maintain their shine and beauty even if they face heavy rainfalls. But if you are looking for a strong and aesthetic look then timber wood doors can be the best option for you.

Which type of door is the cheapest?

The metal or fiberglass doors are the cheapest as they come in various ranges but they don’t look as aesthetic and classy as wooden doors.

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